Finally got out of the house with predicted weather of 65 degrees in beautiful Gateway Colorado. I packed up and headed down, as I like to do a solo camping trip every year to make sure everything is in order and see if I can come up with anything to make my longer trips more enjoyable.

The temperatures reached a high of 50 during the day, and froze almost all of my water solid. I used a UCO Candelier to help heat my RTT, but honestly it was so cold I couldn’t tell if it helped or not. A good sleeping bag is always a must. Either way, sleeping on top of my truck was awesome! I knew these tents were the way to go but waking up without aches is just too cool.

I’m getting my FJ ready for a Mexico trip that will hopefully happen next spring. One tick at a time. My Toyota is now an off-road camper and I love it.


Written by Tyler Snider

Explorer, glass blower, hunter, mechanic, tinkerer. Too many hobbies!