January 21, 2016 Odin Designs No Comments

Hello, my name is Reuben. I started this company to pursue one of my passions, travel. Not just going somewhere, but actually experiencing it. Meeting the people, sitting around a fire looking at the stars or northern lights, eating food made by a local not in a restaurant, learning a bit of the language. Really getting to know whatever country I was in. After coming back to the States I wanted to continue exploring even at home, and I also wanted to surround myself with people who had the same passions as me. Who has more passion to travel than the individual that sells all their possessions and outfits a SUV, truck, van, or trailer or getting out and exploring? So using my experience of roof top tents I started Odin Designs for people that wanted to pursue those amazing sunrises and late night campfires. I started by designing a tent for myself. I wanted it to have the best of the best and after friends saw what a roof top tent was and how it worked they had to have one too. Slowly it grew and after listening to suggestions I introduced several different models for other peoples needs, off road 4×4, hunting, weekend getaways ect. My goal is not to become rich but to do something I am passionate about and share my love of the outdoors and traveling the nomadic way with my friends. So to all my fellow overlanders, lets go explore like never before.

Written by Reuben Davison